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PA Wrap Up


+Heading back to Texas this week. Chris is switching with me, taking my place here while I go home to our cats. Looking forward to being home again and seeing my cats and the garden.

+I will miss the hills and beauty of the area. I won’t miss the cold, dreary weather we’ve been having here in PA. It definitely reminded me why I enjoyed Florida winters so much.

+Back in April I read on My Topography, Christina wrote about contributing to The 3six5 a blog collaboration. I was interested so I signed up for it. My day was yesterday. Go check it out! It was fun to remember signing up for this and not knowing where I would be. I remember choosing a weekend day so that I might actually be able to write it up—and here I was working in the field today anyway.

+Reserved a few books at the library Super Natural Every Day, Thrive and a few books from the FoxFire series. I can’t wait until they get in. Of course I am still reading Paddling the Wild Neches and An Everglade’s Providence. The latter is my lunch reading at work…it may be several more months before I finish it.

+Itching to do some crocheting. Finished one baby blanket and need to start another but am dying to get to work on some clothing pieces and also thinking about Christmas gifts, too.

+Deal & Steadee are bouncing through Georgia on their way to Springer. Should be done on Monday sometime! Exciting! I can imagine how they feel—excited, ready to be done but feeling bittersweet about the whole ordeal.

+If you like books, Elizabeth is doing a read a thon. I’m sure she will have some great reviews!

+That’s about it! Have a lot on my agenda when I get home.

What’s going on with you?

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