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Same View, Same Week, Different Days & Times

Morning of 10/17/2011

Afternoon of 10/17/2011

Afternoon of 10/21/2011

+The overcast definitely makes for more brilliant colors, I think.
+I walked on top of the ridge directly across from here. Enjoyed a nice slide down the east side of one the mountains in the rain. Had some incredibly sore legs the following morning.
+I will miss views like this the most.
+I will not miss the cold weather or this seemingly consistent rain.
+Heading back to TX today.
+Will probably wish for rain when I return and want cooler weather, too.

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  • Chris

    Wow, I’d never have guessed that first picture was the same place. Love the way the fog shows off the contours of the landscape. How long is Chris going to be up there?

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