Late October at the Garden Plot

I’ll start off with a major symbol of autumn and Halloween, the pumpkin. This one is the ripest of the bunch, there are a few more that are still green. I wonder when you really know to pick them?

Squash are producing prolifically.

Chris had hand pollinated a lot of the zucchini so I have been picking quite a lot of them.

This monster was waiting for me when I got back from PA. It ended up in a butternut squash soup I made.



So you could see the size of the zucchini fruits. As an aside, that t-shirt is one of my favorites. I played softball but not for Stanford and not in college, but the shirt is so comfortable. My friend Rosemarie sent it to me right after college when she moved to California. One day it will be really holey and I don’t know if I could throw it out, it is that comfortable.

The crow poison, aka: false garlic, is blooming prolifically in the grass and medians everywhere right now.

Our carrot seedlings are slowly growing…

And I just thinned out the turnip greens.

Love seeing the ruby roots of the radishes.

More greens. I can’t remember which this is, the kale or something else.

And finally the suyo long cucumber just about ready to harvest! Gigantic isn’t it?

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  • Moosie

    Looks so good! Well i am pretty sure that both my kids got a extra large helping of green thumb! I missed the the boat on green thumb class.

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