Hello & A Short Break

Hi! After breaking out of my usual blog routine I realized the whole What I Wore Wednesday is more popular than I thought. Not that anything I wear is that interesting, normally, I’m pretty casual as is evident in this photo. But I was really digging what I wore yesterday so I thought I’d share.

Plus I got my hair cut last week and then had my mom dye my hair for me this last weekend while she was here. As I’ve gotten older my hair has become more ash-blonde than blonde-blonde and I really don’t like it all that much. I liked the brown I did to get rid of the pink hair last Fall but I let it go back to ashy-blech-blonde for awhile and then did a auburn in late summer and this time around I went for Medium Golden Blonde which apparently is more red than I thought. But I like it.

It looks more blonde in the photo than I think it truly is, either that or the highlights are showing through. I haven’t done self portraits in a long time, not since my 365 portrait stint a few years ago.

My posts for November are going to more sporadic than my usual daily postings. Maybe at least three times a week, but I’m going be trying hard do some writing, I have some crochet projects to get busy on (there are babies galore around here!) so I want to focus on that. I do have the beginning of a post on being adventurous started and I think it will end up being a multi-part series, so I’ll also be working on that as well as photos and a post on the trip to the ‘Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania’.

My goals for November:
+Write an hour each day for Nanowrimo
+Alternate between running and yoga each day

I think I’ll keep it that simple, I tend to throw too much on my plate!

Happy November!


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