Meet Cleetus

Living in the country, we have a donkey and a few horses in our neighborhood. I’ve been talking up this donkey, Cleetus, to my niece Zoe for awhile. He’s a friendly fella and loves carrots!

My brother and sister in law came down to visit this last weekend and so Zoe kept waiting to be able to go see Cleetus. He happened to be in his barn most of the time until yesterday. Then we ventured around the block to go see him.


He sniffed out the bag of carrots pretty quickly and I know he would have scarfed them all down if we’d let him.


Zoe loves animals and especially loves to get near them, though Cleetus freaked her out a bit when she fed him a carrot because his lips touched her hand causing her to think he might eat her hand too.

But I think she was glad to meet him finally, despite her throwing a few tantrums saying she didn’t want to see him and then changing her mind minutes later. Crazy kid!


He had one little tear in his eyes—maybe he has the allergies I have!

As we walked away he let out a big “eeeee aww” and got a bit upset that we were leaving him! Now that it will be light out in the mornings, I will have to go for my morning run’s again and see him!

I’ll have more photos from the weekend in a few days. It was definitely adventurous, especially for Zoe who got ride to her first ponies!


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