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You thought I was going to write about espresso and a croissant while sitting on a quiet Paris street? I wish! But, I’ll take these sweet little French Breakfast radishes anyway. Chris bought these seeds for my birthday and we planted them in the ground on October 3rd. They are now ready to be harvested and most of them are already pulled, though a couple are still in the ground. As you can see I ended up pickling them. I just wasn’t sure that I could eat that many radishes by myself. I ended up using a variation of this recipe. Most of them seemed to have an Asian flare and required rice vinegar so I made a special purchase. You definitely wouldn’t want to make a lot of these because rice vinegar is much more expensive than apple cider vinegar. But I had just the right amount and threw some onions and carrots in for additional flavor. I can’t wait to try them!

I didn’t realize how much was written about the French Breakfast variety of radishes, but there is a plethora of information.
+French Breakfast in the Washington Post
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+And a Butter Poached Radishes recipe.

I may have to start another round of radishes soon since some of the other vegetables are waning right now, their cycles are coming to an end. And 30 days for a harvest? You can’t beat that!

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