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Weekend Happiness

It’s been a busy few weekends and before that I was in PA so I really haven’t had a weekend to decompress in awhile. This weekend I had absolutely nothing planned.

My poor cats have been sick the last two weeks. First Samson came down with a cold, sneezing and all, and then I took him to the vet. I told the vet that Leo was fine. The next day Leo proved me wrong by sneezing.

He was promptly fed the same medicine Samson was getting. Though he appeared to be worse off than Sam ever was. I went to the field for work for a few days and when I returned he was all stuffy and his eyes were watering. It made my eyes want to water, I felt bad for the poor boy.

Soft treats are the way to go for tricking pets into eating their medicine. Shoving it down their throat—not so much a good idea.

Spending this weekend with them has been nice, cuddling up with them. Chris is returning from PA on Tuesday so I’m sure they will be happy to spend some time with them. My cats are more like dogs and really enjoy attention. Of course they have their moments of solitude but for the most part they like being around us.

I had to pop into the dollar store to get treats for them and found my favorite Christmas candy. It reminds me of my grandmother, my mom’s mom, and they are just plain delicious. I prefer them over regular candy canes, plus they make coffee taste so good!

I also popped into a Starbucks for my first peppermint mocha of the year. I had a love affair with it many years ago but then I kept getting poorly made ones so I switched to regular lattes and caramel macchiatos. This one turned out to be great and I’m so glad I got it. The nearest S’bucks is 20 minutes away so they are not a regular habit of mine. Probably a good idea for my waist line!

The chrysanthemums are blooming! (Just had an Anne of Green Gables moment spelling that out).

The community garden is looking beautiful with the mums out!

four o'clocks
And the 4-o’clocks provide a heady aroma in the evenings. They have perked up from their leggy looking status this summer.

A very good weekend. Looking forward to seeing my husband this Tuesday after a month away! Having gone from living with each other day in and day out for a year and a half to not seeing each other much for six weeks—kind of strange!

Hope your weekend was relaxing!


  • chel

    This post was filled with so much goodness and happiness and cuteness and beautiful stuff to look at and think about- thank you! Perfect way to start Sunday 🙂

  • Moosie

    I hope the boy’s are better. I have not seen the peppermints around here in a long time, glad you found them. Glad Chris is home too. Love

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