Whitlock Weekend

Over the last weekend my brother and sister in law came down with my niece and nephew to visit as was seen in Monday’s post on meeting Cleetus, the neighborhood donkey. Before they came I Googled some places to check out. Despite having lived in the Houston area during college, I was mostly in Galveston […]

Meet Cleetus

Living in the country, we have a donkey and a few horses in our neighborhood. I’ve been talking up this donkey, Cleetus, to my niece Zoe for awhile. He’s a friendly fella and loves carrots! My brother and sister in law came down to visit this last weekend and so Zoe kept waiting to be […]


+I’ve been faithfully watering the garlic and dill on our back porch every other day. The dill is doing so-so, not really growing like I thought it would and the garlic was taking forever to come up, so long that I worried it wouldn’t. Then I saw this last night. One sprout emerging. +Chris got […]

Hello & A Short Break

Hi! After breaking out of my usual blog routine I realized the whole What I Wore Wednesday is more popular than I thought. Not that anything I wear is that interesting, normally, I’m pretty casual as is evident in this photo. But I was really digging what I wore yesterday so I thought I’d share. […]

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