Two Sweetpeas




On Christmas Eve I did not get to see these two, my niece and nephew, for very long, only a few hours in the evening. They were both sick and Zoe was dealing with a reaction to the medication she was on, so my ideas of visiting them at their house were sacked. But, I did get to see them for awhile and I got to see Grayson smile and laugh at me, and Zoe made me eat Christmas Eve dinner next to her at her kid table (me in the floor) while she watched ‘kid tv’—aka: Rio. I say ‘made’ me sit with her—but I really didn’t mind. I don’t get to see her but once every few months so I love to sit with her when I can.

And since they were both sick they both coughed in my face a few times so now I’m sipping Emergen-C in hot tea to see what I can prevent. I’m thinking that might not work so much since my brother was getting sick too…oh well.

I’ll have some photos from the chaos of presents on Christmas Eve tomorrow. I didn’t take many photos the entire weekend and instead spent it being rather lazy, reading, doing a smidge of crocheting and not being online except to find How I Met Your Mother episodes to watch while I walked on my parent’s treadmill Saturday morning. As a result of being lazy I am more than halfway through The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, because as usual I am late to the game on books and the movie is out and I want to see it.

Hope your holiday was wonderful!

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