2011 | In Review

Miss 2010’s review? 2010 is here

I’m going to recap 2011 a little differently than 2010. I always like doing these reviews because it allows me to see what exactly I did without thinking I didn’t do anything at all.


  • We thru-hiked the Florida Trail in January and February (and a smidge of March).
  • We hiked theCrosstimbers Trail with my brother and dad. I think we might have started a tradition?
  • Thanksgiving was spent on top of Texas and the subsequent days were spent hiking throughout Guadalupe Mountains National Park.
  • While I didn’t go, Chris spent two weeks camping in various places in remote regions of Florida’s swamps. He was trying to do some ghost orchid work but didn’t end up getting what he was after. I’m sure he will try again sometime!


Arts & Crafts

  • Printed some of our photography on canvas and was excited to see it in print!
  • Crocheted baby hats, a shawl, and a baby blanket.
  • Made two quilts and another one that I don’t think I photographed.
  • Only did two drawings, a sunflower pastel for my sister in law and hollyhock pastel that I framed and hung at my desk at work.
  • I also made a how-to for the quilts.
  • I experimented with bloom scans.
  • I started writing a book on our Florida Trail thru-hike. Inching in at 40K words as of now.

There were lots of other great things…we moved, I got a job, our cats came back to live with us. Another year down…

Happy New Year!


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