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Through the Rocks


One of the photos I processed from our weekend at Enchanted Rock last weekend. We were trying to find a supposed cave but instead we found a slot of rocks to walk/crawl through. I spent most of the weekend shooting in black and white with a red filter on my camera. The landscape seemed to beckon for that type of treatment, but Chris managed to get some color shots that were stunning!

I’m going to slowly be working on the rest of the photos. I’m trying to get a baby blanket finished and it is trying my patience and frankly I just don’t want to do it. Instead I want to quilt but I don’t have a sewing machine. I think what I want is a quick reward, but I know what I need is to spent a weekend watching chick-flicks and pushing myself to early arthritis to get it done. I need to get the blanket done so I can focus on some other projects, but first things first.

Did a bit of a redesign around here too. Need to change some links on the blog list—my brother’s blog changed. The header is now a bit different. The photos are from left to right: a capuchin monkey from Inti Wara Yassi when we went to Bolivia in 2008, Chris and I at Pensacola Beach on the last day of our Florida Trail thru-hike last year, my dad, brother, me and Chris at the Crosstimbers Trail on Lake Texoma last spring, me in the mud and cut grass of the Big Thicket last spring, me heading up Hump Mountain in the Roan Highlands of Tennessee on the AT in 2010, and the final photo is a red eft I saw in PA in October.

Florence + the Machine is tearing up my mp3 player…not sure if it will ever get old.

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