Winter Warmth

January has been unseasonably warm and I have nothing bad to say about that. Flip flops in January? Yes! The warmth has tinges of Florida in it and it makes me happy. December and part of November were so dark, dreary and rainy that it was really depressing for me. January has turned beautiful, with a few cold mornings here and there, the sun seems to shine its warmth and heat the day up.

The light is changing too. The sun is moving northward again. I know because it had hidden itself behind the curtain in front of my desk at work and has now worked itself into blinding me from 8-9am in the morning.

In the garden the sugar snap peas are coming up and sending their tiny tendrils upwards, grasping for the metal trellis.

One of the cabbages has bolted and is in full flower with the other cabbages following suit. Or at least trying to. I’ve been pinching them back in order to eat more cabbage before it is gone completely.


The tomatoes have sprouted but have not sent out their true leaves yet. I’m hoping they can pull through because I’m afraid with this January warmth, February is going to come back and bite us in the ass.

A tiny kitty has found its way to our community garden. Weak, food deprived and a bit scratched up, I’m hoping it can pull through and maybe I can get it to a no-kill shelter. I am afraid it will be hit by a car in the parking lot nearby. I bought a few packs of wet food and a bag of dry food to get it through the week.

I’m antsy to get out and do some hiking, taking some pictures…

My brother has been writing about some of his gardening activities…go and check his blog out and show him some love!


  • Erin

    I am contradictory. Even though I’m itching for garden season, I’m very angry at this mediocre winter. I need some snow, stat! But your peas… They make me hungry.

  • chel

    Maybe you can get a humane trap from a local rescue group?? Is the kitty friendly? Sorry, my cat rescue obsession just went on high alert when I read about that little kitty.

  • Patrice

    That’s right … you have a window in your office and you are the only one:) Enjoy the sunshiny days!!!

    Poor kitten … that’s nice of you to help it out. Aren’t you looking for a 3rd kitten?

  • mlittle

    Well, there are others with windows, but some people don’t have any.

    We would probably take the kitten if our landlord didn’t mind but he was strict about only the two cats.

  • itchbay

    I was thinking I might risk planting some peas this week myself. I think we’ve had the worst of our winter here in Northern California. It’s been cold with no rain, but now that it has started raining, and that has warmed it up a bit.

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