Through the Rocks

One of the photos I processed from our weekend at Enchanted Rock last weekend. We were trying to find a supposed cave but instead we found a slot of rocks to walk/crawl through. I spent most of the weekend shooting in black and white with a red filter on my camera. The landscape seemed to […]

The Great Carrot Harvest of 2012

Chris calls me in the middle of work today to tell me he’s picked a bunch of carrots. I’m expecting, you know, a smallish bundle that you might get at the store…not a counter full! He sent me the link to the photos he’d uploaded to Facebook and I exclaimed “Holy Crap” and luckily everyone […]

2012 | Prolific

My word for 2011 was Possible, but somehow it turned more into Adventure. I think this was because I put the tagline “Live Adventurously” into my blog header and from then on it stuck. I wrote a little about that on Messy Canvas in the comments, how adventure butted in and took over. I’m not […]

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