Texas Wildflowers | Erythronium albidum, Trout Lily

Trout lilies are wonderful and beautiful native wildflowers, blooming early in the spring, really late winter. The last two years we’ve ventured out to Tandy Hills to check them out. The first year we found many blooms, but last year not so much.

This year I ventured out with with my brother to show him where a small population of them were; he’d never seen them.

When we arrived I didn’t think there were any blooms yet. I’d thought there would be with the warmer winter we’ve had this year. But it took looking a little closer to find the flowers. Most were just budding but one was fully open.




If you in the hunt for spring wildflowers, these are ones to be on the lookout for in woodlands. There is also a yellow variety, Erythronium americanum which extends east of Texas into the eastern half of the U.S., excluding Florida.

The two places we’ve found the plants have been in moist to mesic environments and are well wooded with a lot of ground debris, so be on the lookout in those areas.

More Information:
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I’ll have macro photos of these flowers next week.


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