The Turnip Harvest








We pulled all of the Golden Ball Turnips last weekend in an effort to make room for a spring crop of cucumbers. Some of the turnips were gigantic, including some that I had thinned and transplanted in a spot that we’d just harvested radishes several months ago. We took the turnips home and made two batches of mashed turnips and froze them for future eating.

I love having all of this food, but I can’t wait to get a deep freezer and more storage space for keeping food for throughout the year.


  • chel

    Excellent! If you get a deep freezer, I highly recommend getting on with a front door (do they even make those?). The one we have (top loading) is jammed with food and it’s too much of a pain to dig through it so everything gets neglected that’s in there!

  • Mom

    Lot’s of turnips! I agree with Chel. If you remember the freezer that Nan used to have on Hawlet was a chest type and we could never find stuff or reach it. Get the like I have. Lord please let it keep working. It is old as me now.

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