Prolific | February Wrap-Up

prolific wrap up

So. February. Was a bit better than January but still proved to be hectic.

Writing went well, mostly because I also busted out about 4,000 words over the weekend. Honestly, if I just devoted an hour to it at least a few times a week with a larger spurt in the weekend things would be done faster. But I often find so many other things to do, which shouldn’t be the case.

Alas, I’m happy with getting that much written.

Running. Well, 9 isn’t good either. I have made myself a schedule for the next month though and hopefully that number goes up as does the yoga. I ran 3 miles the other day in a little over 40 minutes. Yes, I am painfully slow. I could probably hike faster than that. But it felt good, and when I finished the last lap for 3 miles, I contemplated doing another lap to make it 3.5, but didn’t. I’ve also got yoga and some strength workouts planned. I love to lift weights but my weights are *still* in storage and here I am with nothing but my body weight…which is perfectly fine. I also bought a 10lb weighted ball to use and love it thus far. I haven’t done much in the way of strength exercises since pre-AT (re: 2 years) and can certainly tell my arm tone is greatly diminished. I’ve always told myself I did not want bat wing arms as long as I could prevent it—so maybe when I’m 80 I’ll accept bat wing arms but not when I’m 31. Or 51 or even 61.

As for the books I’m reading:
That Used to Be Us: I received it from my boss at Christmas who gave it to everyone in the office. He was enthralled with it and had brought it up after we’d all started talking politics one day at lunch. So far it is very interesting and the authors point fingers at every political genre. It is just a dry read so I’m not really rushing through it.
This Common Ground: Seasons on an Organic Farm: I got this off of BookMooch and have only read a handful of pages, mostly because I kept misplacing it. I am really excited about reading it though.
Darcy’s Story: A P&P spinoff told from Darcy’s POV. The author uses some of Austen’s dialogue in order to be consistent. So far it is a good spinoff and isn’t too drastically different. I do love me some P&P spinoff books. I just received Me and Mr. Darcy from BookMooch as well—so I’m set for Darcy/Elizabeth romance for awhile.

What do I hope for March? Looootts of writing. Looootts of running. I have an art/creative day scheduled with a friend this coming weekend so I am planning to DRAW! I’m hoping I do more than one drawing this coming month too.

How about you? How are you doing with your word?


  • Erin

    I really admire you for sitting down and doing the writing you’ve done! I need to think about what I want to accomplish for March before it gets here. Here’s hoping it’s even more prolific for you!

  • chel

    I love reading your wrap-ups every month.
    I am doing… okay. “Thriving” is sort of the thing where I have to take two steps back to make one step forward. Lots of digging around, trying to figure out why I feel the way I do about a lot of different things. The answers are coming, but they are difficult to sort of pick through at times. And then I always get distracted- always something to do around the house, and another reason to put off painting, or writing, or meditating or whatever. I have to stop that!

  • Mom

    Good job on the writing!! 3 miles in 40 min. Pretty darn tooting good if you ask me! I might do 2 miles in that walking right now. Haven’t walked in a looooooong time. Still no yoga. 🙁 Oh well. Some day. OK bat wing arms. I don’t like mine! gerrrr. I need to get my stretch bands out and use them.

  • Patrice

    Hey, I would call that quite prolific! Good job! Today is the last day of March, so I wonder how you did …

    As for my chosen word, “simple,” yeah, my life is anything from simple these days. So fuhgettaboutit. I’ll have to re-evaluate and choose a new word, or else I will be one big failure!!

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