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Rainy Weekend at Huntsville State Park

Early in the year Chris had scheduled out several camping trips throughout the spring. I had warned that he could potentially be in the field all spring—things hadn’t started up yet and he not received word about work. Even so, he made reservations to many state parks in anticipation of spring wildflower season. So far we’ve had to cancel most of them, but we rescheduled this trip to Huntsville State Park to a weekend sooner then planned since he was going to be off that weekend. Unfortunately a cool front with rain came through causing us to postpone leaving to the campground until early afternoon, when the rains had passed.

We had a site right on the lake so Chris could set up his fishing pole. I had a book to read while lounging in the tent and all was perfect. At about 4 p.m. we decided to go for a short hike and were only about a quarter mile or so down the trail when the rain decided to come back. It had stayed overcast most of the afternoon but we really thought it was done. Back to the car we went and into the tent too, taking a nap while the rain passed.

Dinner was made quickly as dusk began to fall, the lantern turned on during the last minutes of dinner in order to wash up our plates and put everything away.

That afternoon the campsite was lively with a woodpecker, this yellow bellied sapsucker, keeping our interest and allowing for a few portraits to be taken.


A few other birds were hanging around, too.

The next morning we ate breakfast and soon after the clouds began to clear. The park has an extensive trail system and we decided to do part of the outer loop, connecting the Chinquapin and Triple C Trails.

The rain left the trails rather muddy but most of the trails were in good condition.



The Carolina jessamine is still lighting up the forest right now.

View looking east from the dam into the lake.

The dam….

which heads to Prairie Branch Creek downstream.






Fairly certain this is basket grass. Or a Dichanthelium.

We didn’t stay too long hiking that day as we still had other chores to do and Chris wanted to get a few other things done before driving back to his hotel later that evening. It’s only about an hour from our house so I would love to come back here on the weekend and hit up the other trails, or even connect to the Lone Star Trail.

President Houston wasn’t too far away, but maybe next time we’ll finally stop in and say hi!


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