Florida Trail

Florida Trail ‘Summit’ | One Year Ago

Florida Trail 201
Sunrise at Gulf Islands National Seashore, March 3, 2011….18 miles left until we finished.

Florida Trail 235
Finished! We walked through Florida!

Florida Trail 254
On top of Fort Pickens

How was this a year ago? It seems like closer than that. While the Appalachian Trail seems light years away now, I think the Florida Trail seems closer because of our closer relationship with Florida itself. While I am glad to be in Texas again, I sometimes wish I had done more exploring and had gotten to know Florida more intimately, exploring its other locales.

Despite the road walks, I do recommend hiking this trail. It’s a ‘quick’ trail, it’s flat and it offers up habitats that many people don’t get to see or appreciate. It is a different mindset and I’m hoping that with the book I am writing about our hike on the Florida Trail that I can sway more people to hike the trail. Not only that, I want the trail to become better. It has a vast amount of potential and it can only get better if people are out there appreciating it.

I hope we have more long distance trails for us in the future, even if we are a few decades older when that happens. Long distance trails are challenging in so many ways but worth it when all is said and done.



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