The Garden at the Turn of the Month

It seems like nature has switched ‘on’ and the plants are ready for spring. Overnight, blooms are coming out of seemingly nowhere.

Sugar daddy snap pea bud

Sugar daddy snap pea blossom

brussels sprouts
The Brussels sprouts have not done that great. Unfortunately we have a row of beds that gets a lot of shade in the winter. The shade comes from a rodeo shelter that blocks a lot of sunlight from mid-morning to mid-afternoon, thus some of the plants in this section are stunted. I think the sprouts would have matured more had they had access to more light. I’ve been eyeing their leaves to add into my morning green smoothies, but haven’t tried them yet.

Sugar snap pea blossom

The sugar snap pea bed with nasturtiums. Looking at this I really think we could utilize more of the space on the sides next time around. Or even now, maybe a row of radishes?

The lettuce that is still hanging in…the arugula has long since bolted and some other lettuce has started doing the same. I’m not much of a winter salad eater—unfortunately that’s when I get lettuce.

Some of the dill going to flower. I’m going to let this one seed so I can save the seeds for cooking and for sowing later. We’ve got dill coming up in all sorts of places, its a good filler and we’ve been drying it at home to use in cooking.

Even though we had started a lot of our tomatoes from seed, we went ahead and bought four plants from our local nursery so we could get a head start. I didn’t make note of the varieties so I’ll have to write those out later.

It’s looking to be a good spring!


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