An Evening

+Two mile run after work. Loving running again, slow as I may be. I like to be on my own pace, getting it done, slowly but surely. I’m also happier with warmer weather. Thinking I might try running in my Vibram Five-Fingers tomorrow.

+The Runty, Leo, is feeling better and acting more like himself after whatever stunt he pulled almost two weeks ago. Tail is working better, he’s happier and running around. The cats love it when I open the doors when I get home so they can get some sunlight.

+This water oak has been putting on flowers as are all the other oaks in the area. I’ve been enamored with it for a week now and needed to get a photo.

+Been listening to the Bon Iver channel on Pandora for awhile now and I decided to download the album Bon Iver tonight. I’m not a music downloader, I’m a c.d. buyer but I’m trying to switch. I’m also very particular about what I buy and only buy once or twice a year. Next time will probably be my birthday.

+We ran out of butter and margarine and I thought that I would make some butter, so I bought a small carton of cream at the store. I wasn’t going with the shake a jar route this time. I thought that the Kitchenaide would work so I quickly Googled to make sure I wasn’t off my rocker. The Kitchenaide did all the work while I cooked dinner and about five minutes I had butter. I think I will do this more often!

+Samson rolling around like a lazy bum.

+Leo being sweet on Chris’ desk.

+Last weekend I got together with a college friend and a teacher friend of hers to have a craft day. I started a drawing for a friend, something I initially started 2+ years ago and scrapped. I spent some more time on it tonight.


+Evening tea has started to become a ritual for me. Love having it, but have to watch which ones have caffeine. This chamomile is perfect!

A happy evening!


  • Mom

    I want to know how the fingers work/feel if you wear them. Here kitty, kitty, kitty! Looks like Leo could just hop out of the monitor. Fluffy bunny, looks like he could get in to trouble there. 😉 Butter with the mixer! I had no idea! Very cool! what about the food processor??? will that work? The shake a jar is toooooo much trouble. I would love fresh butter. I would love to drink tea at night, but you know that would make this old lady have to pee to much during the night.(hehehhe) (I hope who ever reads this gets a laugh).

    Love Moosie

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