Lovely Lupinus texensis



We have one plot in our garden that has radishes growing but otherwise we have filled it with bluebonnets we bought at a garden center and bluebonnets we seeded, along with a few other non-edible flowering plants. I like having a small section dedicated to flowers, especially since we aren’t focusing on collecting plants right now.

I’d been checking on the bluebonnets but hadn’t had any inkling that they were ready to bloom. Then one day last week I walked right up and the blue-purple flower stood out and stunned me with its brilliance.

Finally, the bluebonnets were out!

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3 thoughts on “Lovely Lupinus texensis

  1. Curtis says:

    Thats interesting! Great minds think alike! I posted on bluebonnets today also.

  2. Mom says:

    Awwwwe! Curtis you are right!!!!! You two have great minds!!! I sure do miss having bluebonnets! I just can’t get them to grow. Do either of you remember all the ones that grew in the back of Nan’s yard over on half moon? just a ton!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t seen any around the highways, oh wait haven’t been out on any to see them. If I have to sit in traffic to see them I won’t be going. Not after the adventure going to McKinney several weeks ago. Yikes!

  3. itchbay says:

    Gorgeous! No bluebonnets out here, but lots of other lupines! I love them. They’re probably one of my favorite wildflowers.

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