Spring Favorites


Oh, the air is delightful and despite the lack of daylight in the mornings, I’m loving that the evenings are longer now. I’m loving the dill in the garden right now, tall and fluffy, the mature plants working on flowering. The tiny, airy seeds will be saved to sowing throughout the year. We’ve been drying dill in the oven on the lowest heat it can go, then crackling the leaves into baggies to save for later. I’m trying oregano, too.

I’ve been starring items in my feed reader and bookmarking things over the last few weeks and I thought I’d share them with you.

+Honey Harvest by Kinfolk Magazine
+Creamy Cheese Dip withot Velveeta: Want to try this soon. My mom went on an information spree about additives in food after the pink slime news came out. I was looking up other things for her and found the Food Renegade website. While they had some informative items they weren’t quite vegetarian friendly. That’s ok, I still learned a lot of interesting things.
+English Muffin Bread via Brown Betty Farm. I did make this one and it was delicious! I used almond milk in place of regular milk and it still tasted great.
+The Power of Introverts via Susan Cain on a TED talk.
+Free Bates t-shirt, with thanks to Elizabeth for the link.
+Made by Hand: No. 3 The Beekeeper….another dreamy bee and honey video. I need to find a chicken video soon.
+Creativity is a Precious Commodity via the Dirty Footprints Studio.
+Profile of a Ghost Orchid via the Florida Native Plant Society’s blog. Chris’ ghost orchid website is listed as a source! I keep telling him he needs to finish updating it…
+Salt Preserved Key Limes via Food in Jars….oh this looks delicious!
+Strawberry Honey Galette via Fig and Fauna. Strawberries are in season right now at the stores, or at least here, I might have to make this soon.
+Cedar Waxwings galore!
+Alexis Grant’s Nicaragua and Costa Rica travel report had me itching to get some short-term, foreign traveling done. Probably not this year…but still dreaming!
+The Goodwin Project traveling with kids via the Adventure Journal.
+Chioggia Beet Root Soup: Wish I’d had this when I had a harvest of beets. Maybe the next go-round…
+Lawn to Loaves Wheat Harvest via Heavy Petal. I was joking (only slightly, mostly being seriously) that I wanted to make my own mustard and then Chris retorted he wanted to make his own flour from wheat he grew. Well, someone has done it!

Phew—that was a lot! I hope you enjoy some of the ones I have shared and send some of your favorites my way!

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