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Me and The Goosey

I had a whirlwind weekend up in DFW spent mostly with friends, dear friends, and a smidge of time spent with my family. Zoe got to spend the night at my parent’s house Saturday night which meant hanging out with Aunt T (me) a lot, only I had to leave earlier than I would have normally so I could spend some time with friends, particularly one that only comes to town every so often because she lives full time in California. It was an excellent weekend and I will share some photos soon.

(I’m pretty sure Zoe has a mouthful of Fruity Pebbles, so hopefully you can’t see the chewed up pieces!)

My week ‘off’ of blogging last week was great. I accomplished *some* of what I wanted to get done but not everything, which is normal because I always put too much on my plate. Finally I relented and decided to focus on one thing which helped because I got a lot done. I’ll let you know what that was soon because I’m not completely done with it.

This week will be similar, light on blogging but I have a few posts up my sleeve—hopefully.

I’m also at Sprout Dispatch today!

How was your weekend?


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