The Climbing Canyon at Reimers Ranch Park

One of our favorite areas to visit in the Austin area has three parks right near each other making it optimal for seeing the a variety of ecosystems right around the Pedernales River. Westcave Preserve, Hamilton Pool, and Reimers Ranch Park. The latter we have not had much of a chance to explore as it is newly opened and Travis county is still working on finishing the park. It will have many biking trails, rock climbing areas, and water access to the Pedernales River. We popped in Reimers Ranch just to see what was in the climbing canyon, not having much time to explore the park before we had to eat dinner and scope out the Congress Avenue bats. I hope to get back to this park sometime in the near future and explore the rest of it.



Several climbers in this canyon. I would love to watch them more and learn a little about the sport. It is much more difficult than I imagined!




Another climber out there in the distance.

The trail/creek down to the canyon area; a little slick and tricky.


Cedar sage, Salvia roemariana. This grew all along the canyons at all three parks. I might have to find some seeds!

This little sneak preview has me wanting more! I can’t wait to go back!

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