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Photography Website Update: Wildscape Photo

I spent some time this spring working on my galleries on my section of our website. When I put everything together in late Fall 2010 I was rushed and hadn’t thought it through. I’ve taken so many more photos since then and while I haven’t put all of those up yet, I have re-organized the website into better galleries. I’ve also created an image index because our galleries aren’t easily searchable. I also wanted the words to be able to be pulled up in a search engine and this way they will. The headers of each listing should be linked to the appropriate gallery.

I still have a lot of work to do! I have many images to add and at least two more galleries I want to add, a personal garden one and a botanic garden one. But—-that requires going through all of my files from Texas and Florida and that will take some time. Maybe by the end of summer I’ll have everything caught up…maybe. What I am hoping to do is to start doing small posts here of photos I do end up getting into the gallery, because after all, what I want is to sell my work! (Sell *our* work…Chris likes to sell his stuff too!) (Side note: I know the white is hard to read on black—I’m going to look at making the font larger soon.)

More than likely I will do away with the portrait section soon. As much as I want to get into portrait photography my life is not situated for that right now. I still love it, love taking pictures of my friends and family—and don’t get me wrong, if you want a portrait session, I am not going to say no to a paying client—but it isn’t my focus.

In other news, this photo won 2nd place in the category for Nature Photography as Art in the Friends of Brazoria Refuges: Migration Celebration Photo Contest! I’m very excited! I entered four others, two in the same category and two in the animal category. I’m curious to see what the winners were in all of the other categories. I’m going to go sometime this weekend to the festivities they have going on down in Lake Jackson this weekend. They are doing tours to the San Bernard Oak…it’s a big tree and I’m all about big trees! I think it over took the Goose Island Oak as largest live oak in Texas.

Anyway, hop on over to the website and check it out. Let me know if you see any blatant errors—I do know the PA gallery won’t work because I haven’t put a gallery to it yet—but the others should work.

Thanks and please spread the word!


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