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Local Coffee: Coffee², McKinney, Texas

It’s been a long time since I have done a Local Coffee post, mostly because I rarely go anywhere that has a local coffee shop. There was a very neat one near Bandera, Texas that I should have done a post about but didn’t get around to it. Coffee shops are a favorite haunt of my friends and me. If we can find a coffee shop to hang out in and catch up for hours on end, we will. This one Coffee² in historic downtown McKinney, Texas is nearby my friend Stephanie’s house. The shopping area downtown is very active with many shops and the day we stopped in because it was incredibly warm for late March and we needed a reprieve.




Iced Chai Latte
I normally hate iced coffee drinks but I tried an iced chai latte and was pleasantly surprised! Definitely worth it!



The shop was relatively quiet for a Saturday afternoon, but I imagine that mornings and weekdays that the shop might perk up.

I really wish there were more local coffee shops around. As much as I love Starbucks it is nice to have a local shop to relax in.


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