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Spring at Westcave Preserve | Part I

The weekend we went to see the bats we went to Westcave Preserve as well. I think it has turned into our favorite little place to go when in the Austin area. We had hoped to get there again before May to see the chatterbox orchids but alas, that did not happen. Maybe next year!

The prickly poppies were putting on a beautiful show and have continued doing so around the state since.




Of course I love to get up close and personal with the flowers I take photos of and these were not any different.

It was peak bluebonnet season when we went; the flowers were everywhere.

I think this is a rock squirrel, there were several around the main building providing entertainment for me while we waited for the tour to start. It was rather finicky though and wouldn’t really let me get a good shot.

I’m bummed the vegetation was in front of its face at this point but it is still a neat shot.

Probably the most exciting thing was seeing two golden-cheeked warblers in the Ashe-junipers at the preserve. We stopped for a few minutes to watch a pair frolicked about. I got a few decent shots in the midst of their moving about.


I was happy to see this one turn out so well with the wing spread out.


The two of them huddled closely together.

And their tail-feathers hanging over the branches.


I definitely think the birds were the highlight of this expedition to the preserve, a bird to add to the life-list (not that I’m a big birder) but also to see an endangered and rare species. Seeing wildlife up close is always nice but sometimes you have to work for the sightings. We worked by straining our necks up to the trees; frankly it would have been easier to lay down and just watch but that wasn’t something to be done.

Next time we’ll descend down into the grotto and enjoy the beauty down below!


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