Lovely Little Peas


+Digging through my photo folders and found this from a few weekends ago when we harvested the last of the snap peas. We saved several pods and dried them for use next Fall.

+Still trying to catch up from being gone last weekend. It always takes me several days to get caught up.

+And getting caught up involves going through and processing all the photos I need to write the many blogs I’m working on.

+Looking forward to a very creative weekend, hopefully. I hope it involves lots of writing, some quilting, and finishing and art project. Maybe throw some reading, gardening and chick-flick/period drama movies in the mix.

How was your week?

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  • chel

    So how is your weekend going? My week was okay. A little hectic. But it turned out okay. I hope this week is full of creativity, joy, and lots of great things for both of us!

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