Easter Part II

So, as Easter was now a month ago I figured it was finally time to finish up posting the rest of the Easter photos.

That morning I had gone to Home Depot and Walmart to look for already started eggplants because the some of the ones we’d started from seed had not survived. While there I noticed the clouds darken and it appeared it would rain.

Rain it did. So, we had Easter egg hunting inside!

The cake my sister in law made…it was yummy!

Grayson (<---see, I'm spelling it right! (aside: I have friend with a Greyson and lately I've been screwing the spellings up between the two) ) is still too young to have figured out what is going on so it was mostly Zoe hunting eggs. easter23
Zoe showing PawPaw her egg!

I don’t know about this!

This is my sister in laws mom helping Zoe figure out where a hiding egg was—love Zoe’s expression!


I think I’ll eat this instead of hunting eggs.

Getting some love with Nana (SIL’s mom).

I know there is one in there!

There it is!

I loved this shot of everyone, mostly because Stephanie, my sister in law, was playing with Grayson!

Zoe with her egg haul!

Isabelle wasn’t too happy with all the commotion, but she can’t really hear or see anyway so it must’ve been a bit confusing.

And that was Easter! Seems like so long ago!


  • chel

    I love these photos! Every year I tell myself we’ll do *something* for Easter and every year we don’t (besides a gift from the bunny). One of these years I’ll get on the ball!

  • Moosie

    Aww we love the pictures!! It does seem like a long time ago doesn’t it. And Grayson has changed so much in that time. It’s amazing to see the changes.

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