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+These days I feel like most of what I do is garden related, whether it is being in the garden or doing something with the harvest. A couple of days ago I pulled out 21 lbs of food from our garden, carrying it out in one of our black reusable bags—a first in awhile because I always forget and have to pull used plastic grocery bags from the garden shed—worrying that the straps would break on the way to the car from the pressure. Inside I had many fistfuls of endless long, purple Chinese mosaic beans, more cucumbers than I need at the moment because we’ve pickled ourselves into a vat of vinegar for the rest of the year, and beautiful blobs of red tomatoes intermixed with delightful yellow pear and sungold tomatoes. Those two, the yellow pear and sungold, are currently in a contest for most prolific bite-sized tomato. My brother told me that his yellow pears made it through the Texas summer last year, so I can only hope they will do that for me after all the others have wilted under the relentless heat.

+I don’t normally garden in a skirt—this was my work clothes for the day—but I felt especially girly and decided not to change into my grubby clothes that day. Actually, this was taken on another day, not the 21 lb day, a day I meandered in the garden and didn’t do too much heavy lifting, only light watering and picture taking. The cucumbers are sneaky. I am trying to find the ones that hide behind the leaves. Rotating around the bed is the only way to see the ones you missed, the ones that were right in front of you two seconds before. It is inevitable that I forget one anyway and a couple of days later I have a giant on my hands.

+It is very difficult to keep up with the garden and then everything else. As you can see I haven’t written a good post here in nearly a week. My post yesterday at Sprout Dispatch was left wanting for more, and I had good intentions of writing about the beautiful blooms about the garden. Instead I spent hours in the kitchen trying to put all the food away so it was edible at a later date. While I do enjoy doing all of this, sometimes I am just bone tired from work and other things that I want to be reading, writing or doing some art. I have so many things I want to read and haven’t been able to crack open a book. I’m doing good to be writing here.

+Now for some things I’ve been bookmarking around the internet:
Hearts and Throbs via The Hoofist: I missing sharing a tent with Chris.
Mushroom and Scallion Frittata via Allison at Homesprout.
Park Ranger Pays Price for Whistleblowing This story reeks of some nasty political crap. It is disheartening. I will probably try to pick up his book and read at some point in the future.
Diptychs via Saussie. I love this blog, and while she doesn’t write very often she always has something of quality.
Chive Blossom Vinegar via Food in Jars. We have some chive blossoms in our garden that I would love to do something with. I’m hesitant right now to do anything more than what I’m already canning due to our space issues (we have none!), but I’ll file this away for later!
Dandelion Fritters via Longest Acres. Oh, man, these look good! I am itching to try them and am tempted to one day plant a little plot of dandelions just to harvest do make things out of. Oh, this blog is very much worth reading….
In Praise of Moms Who Crush via Adventure Journal. About moms who aren’t going to let having a baby stop them from being active—in this case rock climbing.
The Mess via Renee Garner and Wolfie & The Sneak. I love when blogs are honest—life is busy, hectic, hard and trying and it isn’t always perfect. Just love her honesty!
Dressing the Greens via Eat Outside The Bag (a side blog of Chiot’s Run). Making my own salad dressing is on my list of things to do too!

And that is the short run down of things right now. I’m working hard to get more posts up this week, I have lots to write and share and I miss writing here so much!


  • Renee

    Thanks for linking to my messy post, Misti! I know 100% what you mean about enjoying writing/blogging but being exhausted. There are so many fun things to try, but it’s so hard to do it all and keep in the present real life, too. Where’s the balance?

  • Allison

    I feel like that too. I just took a shower today after a long day of hot gardening. Thank you for mentioning me, and I’m pretty sure we read the same blogs, as I have seen and favorited many of the same articles. You garden is looking beautiful by the way. Mine is very flat…

  • Mom

    Jeepers I am so far behind on reading everyones blog it’s not funny. Not to mention everything else I am behind on.

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