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Storing the Onions

If you follow over at Sprout Dispatch you may have seen my post about our onion harvest. For a week the onions sat in some deer feeder platforms in our computer room, fan on, door shut to keep the cats out. The room started reeking about a day into it but finally mellowed (or I got nasal fatigue) by the end of the week.

Finally last Sunday I took them outside and cut the tops off, leaving a few inches, trimmed up the roots a bit and then stacked them in some storage crates I found at Walmart. Initially I was going to opt for laundry baskets but a few text messages with Chris (this is how we communicate most days as he has very little cell service but texts work where is at) and he told me to look in the office supply section for milk crates. I found these, sent a photo to make sure they were up to par, and walked out with five crates (after paying of course!). I was unsure how many I would need and decided an extra crate would be good for future use anyway.



I labeled the crates, moved them inside to our living room and they are stacked there waiting to be used!

Pretty handy, I think!

How do you store your onions (or garlic…we have that coming to harvest soon)?

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