Summer—I’m ready for you!

Summer is officially here in Texas. I know, we have a few more weeks until the solstice but the heat is dialed up, the rain is getting sparse and my tomatoes, I believe, had their peak harvest last week.

Summer has arrived!

This summer is incredibly full already. We are closing on our first house at the end of the month! It is exciting because we’ve really waited 10 years for this—-oh, and our 10th wedding anniversary is next week! It might have been possible to buy a house if we’d stayed in the Melbourne/Space Coast area of Florida in 2004 and not moved to south Florida when the housing boom was picking up, but we did and the insane prices of the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area kept us from ever buying. There were multiple people telling us to buy but what we could afford would have been an apartment-turned-condo and that wasn’t what we wanted. So, we waited. And rented. Renting wasn’t bad, and in fact it was nice in that it offered up the freedom to move around as needed.

So, June: Anniversary and moving. July: Unpacking and a bazillion birthdays, including mine. August: Our anniversary backpacking trip to Washington state, my one year anniversary at being in my current position at my job, niece and nephew’s birthdays.

The summer is full! As you see above I’m hoping to finish some things this summer, too. I haven’t written on my Florida Trail book in at least two months. I need to finish it. I’ve given up the idea of writing daily on it, I can’t even focus on that. So, my goal is to pick a day of the week and write at least 5,000 words in one fell swoop, if not more. Just write it out.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I plan on taking trips to the sno-cone stand (delicious after a long stint in the garden, though I wish our stands were open past 7pm—what is up with that? It doesn’t get dark until 8:30!), enjoying the pond we will be living on starting in July, and decorating my new art studio! Yep—I get my own room in the new house! Chris gets a man cave too.

Oh, I forgot, one last thing, Christina Rosalie has been doing a series about showing up for summer and I’m going to adapt that into my summer by taking a daily photo throughout the summer (when I remember!) and turning that into a weekly blog post. Just something that I can look back upon and remember that I actually did something this summer.

What are your plans for summer?


  • chel

    Love this. I was working on a “Summer Manifesto” but then I dropped it because I felt like I needed a big break. But now I am starting a *gentle* list in my head of things I might like to do. Get the telescope out again and get it into regular use. Plant lots of lettuce and give cucumbers/pumpkins another go. Paint freely without any plan or outcome in mind. Color (like COLORING BOOKS coloring!) more often- I have a book of mandala outlines that has been sitting on my shelf for ages and I think it might be fun to start coloring them in just as something relaxing and creative this summer. Continue to get rid of what’s not serving me. Eat lots of salad (now eating it for lunch most days, I’m kinda obsessed). Get in the pool earlier. Take a handwriting/lettering class. Read more. Needlepoint more.

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