Cucurbits In The Garden

Right now we have multiple beds with a variety of cucurbits growing. So far the melon varieties, such as this Charentais cantaloupe have been taking the heat well. I’m looking forward to eating some fresh fruit later this summer!

A smaller staged version of the same cantaloupe.

We had two plants of zucchini which have both bit the dust, as well as a smaller replacement zucchini we left in our grow-out pots too long. The first zucchini, this one pictured, bit the dust when someone in our community garden chopped the growing tip off. I was not pleased. Another zucchini, a golden variety, bit the dust one day due to the heat and squash beetle combination; I’d seen several hanging out near the plant. I’d only been the day before to pick some tomatoes and it was just fine—I try to water every other day in order for my plants to learn to suck it up and grow some longer roots—but the next day I came it was incredibly wilted. I watered and watered, even more the following days but resuscitation was not possible. I’m not even sure I want to plant more zucchini if they are going to be this prissy all summer.

I did managed to get a few fruits off, blanched and frozen in the freezer.

These bugs are everywhere; they are leaf-footed bugs. They enjoy tomatoes and beans, and apparently cucumbers too. Luckily I haven’t seen too much damage from them.

Chris ripped the Sumter cucumbers out two weekends ago and replaced them with sweet potatoes. The County Fair variety is still producing and in the ground. I’m still filling grocery bags full of cukes!

I’m loving this diverse Family of plants! I only wish I had more room—and more people—to eat the haul of cucumbers! Next year we won’t grow two plots full.

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  • Mom

    Shame one who ever cut the end off of the zucchini! Humphh! I hope they were very hungry. Those black/brown bugs were always in Nan’s garden/yard growing up. I remember they called them stink bugs. But I don’t remember ever smelling them even when I would squash them. Oh I hope you get lot’s of cantaloupe. Maybe they will be a few when I come to visit. Yummmy.

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