Cucurbits In The Garden

Right now we have multiple beds with a variety of cucurbits growing. So far the melon varieties, such as this Charentais cantaloupe have been taking the heat well. I’m looking forward to eating some fresh fruit later this summer! A smaller staged version of the same cantaloupe. We had two plants of zucchini which have […]

Good Gourd

Back in late February/early March when I decided to plant all the flowers in the garden I also decided to plant some vines along the back fence. I found luffa seeds at a local garden center and immediately had to have those because they reminded me of Florida. We grew some along one of our […]

Summer—I’m ready for you!

Summer is officially here in Texas. I know, we have a few more weeks until the solstice but the heat is dialed up, the rain is getting sparse and my tomatoes, I believe, had their peak harvest last week. Summer has arrived! This summer is incredibly full already. We are closing on our first house […]

Tomato City

Last week I wrote about cucumbers and the insane amount we harvested throughout May. Oh, they still sent May off with a bang, giving us a reusable grocery bag full in the last two days of May. But, let’s talk tomatoes…. I’m beginning to run out of counter space. This isn’t a new thing, I’ve […]

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