A Change of Scenery




I went back and forth for a few days about cutting my hair. I’d just ooogled at my long hair photos from hiking and thought about growing it out long again. But then I didn’t. I felt the urge for a good hair cut, someone to play with my hair. I don’t know about you, but having a wash, cut and style is just about as cathartic as a massage. If I didn’t have to stay awake for the stylist to tell me to dip my chin or turn my head I would totally fall asleep.

I went in asking for a bob, something short and cute. It didn’t end up how I thought, and she just kept cutting and cutting! The part about the hair falling on my neck being the shortest part must have eluded her, I was thinking that would be the under part with longer layers on top. Oh well. At least I’m happy with it! The front is longer than the back, which I like because I can keep tucking the hair behind my ears in my usual fashion.

When I got home it felt freeing, a little bit bouncy to walk around, like having some weight lifted off my shoulders, even if it was only hair.


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