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Evening Walk Through The Seattle Center












+Our stomachs were still on Central Standard Time when we finished with REI and checking into our hotel. Intially we thought about heading to a Mexican restaurant a few blocks away but instead I spotted Bahn Thai caddy-corner from the hotel. We headed in and were asked if we had a reservation—no—but were seated relatively quickly due to an open table in a corner. We sat down and I noticed quickly that there was only one other person in jeans in the restaurant. Apparently people in the city get dressed up for Saturday evening dinners. Even in Texas I think that is rare except for the restaurants with a dress code. We’d come to the restaurant in what we’d worn through the hours of flying and transitioning from travel to hotel.

+Afterwards we wandered around what I came to find out was the Seattle Center. If you listen to NPR at all you might have heard the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on an advertisement. Not far from our hotel was the actual building the foundation is in. Strange to see something I’ve only heard about become instantly real.

+The area was abuzz with activity. We we first saw the Space Needle (in the first photo) I didn’t realize we were going to be closer to it later on. And here we were, walking very close to the Space Needle. I must admit I was thinking about Frasier and wondering where exactly Frasier Crane had lived.

+A ballet was going on and I thought, I really want to go a ballet sometime. I may have watched Centerstage a few too many times.

+I really wish we’d had more time to discover Seattle itself but our other adventures overshadowed this beautiful city.


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