Home Sweet Humidity

This last week Chris and I were traipsing all around northwestern Washington state. Seattle-Olympic Peninsula-Central Cascades-San Juan Islands-Seattle again. Once we landed a week ago Saturday we made a beeline for the flagship REI store to buy supplies for our four days in the Enchantment Lakes, I was completely enamored with the city. Hippies, hipsters, […]

Miami-Dade County Residents | Vote YES!

Baloo says to please vote YES on #500 today to repeal the breed specific legislation that prohibits pitbulls within Miami-Dade county in Florida. Miami Herald article My friend Marc’s letter to the Herald regarding the repeal of this ban. Blame the deed, not the breed.

The Place In Between

There’s this space between deep napping (and this feeling only happens to me during naps) and the moments before being completely awake where little snippets of the past come to me. These moments hit me like rock and are usually filled with emotion, sad mostly because I know those moments are gone. I came home […]


“It was while feeling sad to think that I was only walking on the edge of the vast wood, that I caught sight of the first palmetto in a grassy place, standing almost alone. A few magnolias were near it, and bald cypresses, but it was not shaded by them. They tell us that plants […]


This is the last photo I took of my grandfather, William Ralph Whitlock, on June 9, 2012. I didn’t know it then. I’d come up to Fort Worth with the main reason to see my grandparents (my mom’s mom and my dad’s dad) and of course to see the rest of the family too. I […]

So. Over. Summer.

Summer. I’m done with you. You are hot, sticky and well, frankly I wasn’t really able to enjoy you much. I didn’t dip my toes in the water. I didn’t hike. Beach? What beach? I saw a post on a blog the other day that turned the whole “Aww, only one month of summer left” […]

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