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Magical Maidenhair (and Miscellany)





These maidenhair fern photos were taken at Westcave Preserve back in March. I still haven’t finished out the photos from that day, but slowly I want to work back to doing that. I find myself feeling like I am on top of the pile again, not suffocating below it, but then I find something else thrown on top and there I am again trying to get up to breathe.

While going through my old ‘writing desk’ (which turned into an art desk at one point) I found a journal, one that was surprisingly not tattered and beaten up, but still rigid and pretty with its seashell adorned cover. Inside was all the writings I’d done for my morning pages at one point. Inside I found a list of things that I loved to do or make time for—-and number 1 was working out. This has become very apparent to me lately as I look at my shoulders—nevermind my flabby midsection—but I used to love my shoulders and flexing my biceps to feel the muscle. I haven’t lifted weights since before we left for the Appalachian Trail, mind you I did do some other body weight type exercises but I miss my weights. My weights are back and now it is time for me to start that up again.

I think morning pages should be a ritual too.

Maybe Fall will be a reawakening for me, to find the things I used to do and get back into some good habits.

And perhaps I should meditate some on that second photo, because it has me all gooey with happiness.


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