Making Way For New Growth

For various reasons we decided to leave the community garden we were gardening at earlier than expected. We still have a plot of sweet potatoes there that we will harvest in a month or so and then we will be done. So, that has forced us to find a place to throw some seeds down for the Fall or purchase some of our produce instead.

This area is the south side of our house where eventually it will be a flower garden with a nice pathway. It had tomato and peppers plants when we moved in, and I found a rosemary plant that will survive with some pruning and care. I ripped the tomatoes out but the peppers are still doing well so I will leave them for awhile. It will take a bit more work to rip up the weeds and then I’ll start some Fall veggies! That is until we get everything together for the real veggie garden which will not be until later this winter and when we can clear the rest of the downed pine trees.

As you can also see we ripped up a fence that was dividing this area.

I also started some seeds, not as many as I would like but most of them were seeds I couldn’t pass up at the dollar store—I mean, 10 cents for a package of seeds…yeah I couldn’t resist. Plus a lot of unknown seeds that were not labeled in our previous seed saving packages. Should be interesting to see what sprouts.

The Melothria pendula, creeping cucumber, have taken over a few areas of the yard but I like this little plant.

There’s a nice hibiscus that is on our neighbor’s side that hangs over onto our side of the fence. I actually think this is something else but the name escapes me…

See? Pretty! I love looking outside our upstairs windows to see this blooming.


And the cats…they cats act just like my indoor cats except they are more skittish. They follow you around the yard but if you get too close they freak out and run. Sometimes I can pet them while they are eating, well at least the kittens. The adults aren’t having that.

Tom is the alpha male of the group.

Poor Fred has been in some tumbles lately, probably with Tom.

Love the five little cats that have hung around—they’ve been entertaining! I miss my calicoes but I’m glad they are hanging out elsewhere for now!


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