Dipping into the Hall of Mosses | Olympic National Park














We arrived to Hoh Rainforest unit of the Olympic National Park right before dinnertime and since the campground is first-come-first-serve we made a beeline for the camping area to find a spot. We found a nice spot tucked in the forest with enough cover not to really see too many people other than the folks directly across the road from us. The self registration was near the bathrooms (no showers in the bathrooms if you are inclined for cleanliness, but there is running water for a rag bath if you are desperate) and after registering we headed for the Hall of Mosses Trail.

Evening was setting in which made the light even better as it filtered through the canopy. Everywhere we turned there was magic. It reminded us a lot of Florida—the ferns, the mosses, dampness….it was swamp without swamp. There was quite a bit of activity on this trail as it is less than a mile and quite scenic. Sometimes I wished there weren’t people there in order to savor the quiet—I’d be engrossed in something and then kids would bound by—but I should be happy kids are out enjoying nature. Not enough kids are!

I took a lot of photos, too many for one post, so the rest of the Hall of Mosses will have to wait for another day…

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3 thoughts on “Dipping into the Hall of Mosses | Olympic National Park

  1. Beegirl says:

    Love the phone booth!! I’d love to go there someday – especially after reading the book ‘one square inch of silence’-which happens to be in the Hoh forest! Have you read the book?

  2. Moosie says:

    Nice n peaceful!

  3. Keely says:

    I took the same picture of that phone booth on our trip! Haha. I loved it.

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