A Bit of Art Tucked Away

Last week I was attempting to organize our office and started pilfering through my desk. Inside I found all sorts of goodies along with this little pastel. It needs a touch up, signing and spray. I’m not sure why I left it in my desk for 2.5 years instead of packing it, but my guess […]

The Pacific | I

+I think the photos speak for themselves. +No matter how long away from the ocean, no matter how much I think that I’m ok with just being a land lover (lubber!), the ocean always tells me otherwise when it slaps me in the face with a bit of salty air. +Tidepools, tidepools…tidepools. *sigh* “One way […]

My Favorite Cute Kids

Back in July my mom, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew came down for the weekend to help us unpack. I went almost the whole weekend without taking my camera out but I managed to pull it out when the kids were playing upstairs in our the large room we’re going to call the […]

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