Digging Sweet Potatoes

On Sunday we dug up our sweet potatoes at the community garden, the last plot we had still growing there. It was a bit sad to leave but it felt right to be leaving. We grew a lot there in the year we spent at the garden but I know we’ll be growing a lot […]

A Pre-Cold Front Evening Walk

The elephant ears line the pond in the area. Chasmanthium latifolium Spanish moss Blue mist flower, Conoclinium coelestinum Bidens laevis Bushy blue-stem, Andropogon glomeratus This little pond is across the street from our house. Would love to explore these woods but I’m unsure who owns them. Pre-cold front the air was humid and thick, temperatures […]

A Day’s Worth of Dirt Rings

Yesterday I spent practically the entire day working in the yard. Having been gone for several weekends in a row it was time to get some work done. And the title of this post…well, I was pretty filthy when I finally came in shortly after 6pm yesterday. I had arm rings, neck rings, dirt covering […]

Marymere Falls | Olympic National Park

We had a long drive ahead of us as we had to leave the Olympic Peninsula and head to Wenatchee National Forest but that didn’t deter us from making a stop or two before completely leaving the Olympics. I *may* have been a little too excited to have picked up Canadian radio stations….I mean, Canada […]

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