Pumpkins with the Whitlocks

+WILLLLSOOOONNNN! +Painting pumpkins with my family last weekend. Zoe is in pre-school now and is smart, smart, smart! Grayson is growing fast and is an adorable troublemaker. The kid does.not.stop. Go! Go! Go! is hit motto. I keep wanting to cuddle with him like I did with Zoe when she was his age but he […]

Basking In The Last Bits of Light

….or working in the last bits of light. Either one. That’s what happened this evening as dusk settled in and despite the grey throughout the entire day the sun decided to peek through and throw some red, orange and yellow into the evening sky. Only for a bit. Then it faded off into other countries […]

Four Years Ago & Present Tense

I went looking on my Flickr account for something pretty to post from years past taken on this date. I found this photo from 2008, four years ago, when I was at my parent’s house for two weeks for my ten year high school reunion, and one of my best friend’s weddings. The tree in […]

Happy October (Toadally!)

I risked getting peed on just to get a shot of this cute toad. It was hopping around as we planted azaleas this weekend. Finally, fall is here. Well, for now, it is Texas after all. We’ll have another bout of warmth before Halloween and then hit the first real cold weather after that. I’m […]

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