The habit of writing here definitely begets more writing. My head was cluttered and the urge to just be away from writing in this space overtook me. Spending time working on photos, writing, thinking of something to say, to share—all of it went away. It still isn’t back, but I will force myself to spend a little time writing here again and maybe I will be creative again.


There are times that I just miss walking in the woods. The only thing I had to do was to walk and in the evenings I could read books.

Sometimes it is just nice to live life and now worry about documenting or writing or creating.

Just to be.

And I get my husband back in a week or so; his project is almost over. Which means we can make serious progress around here, I won’t be so lonely and maybe we can get into some more adventures. I try with all my might not to think that we’re coming up on three years since we left Florida and went backpacking on the AT.

Time. Flies. Too. Fast.

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