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Monkey Rock | Lost Maples State Natural Area


A couple of weekends ago we went to Lost Maples State Natural Area which is located in Vanderpool, Texas, a town west-northwest of San Antonio and south of I-10.

Along the east loop, not far from campsite A, we found a sign delineating something called Monkey Rock. A middle aged couple were coming from the opposite direction headed towards the rock too, and I asked them if they had been before, to which they replied they hadn’t and were just as curious as us. The sign didn’t specify distance or anything else so I had no idea if we were in for a hike up the bluffs or what.

Instead we found ourselves descending into the creek bed and found ourselves face to face with….a monkey rock!


I tried to find some legitimate information on Monkey Rock but I didn’t find anything other than a lot of other hikers, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts writing on blogs or sharing photos. This monkey rock is probably the most photographed monkey rock in the world….or at least Texas!


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  • Richard Treece

    This is just a unique naturally occuring formation that park personnel have named Monkey Rock. The rock is limestone and the area has very loose rock around it and some people think it is for climbing for a picture. Climbing the rock can cause damage so we ask that people enjoy the view and not break down the rock. I have seen rock in that area flaking off after cold weather and could hear it falling from the road.

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