Old Florida Haunts

I’ve been missing Florida lately. Likely a combination of returning to writing my Florida Trail thru-hike book and that winter has come. Winter is the best time in Florida. This was one of our favorite haunts in the Keys, near the Ohio Missouri channel. We often went here and snorkeled; lots of good ocean creatures […]

Ah, November.

November? What? +I’ve been eating a lot of massaged kale salads lately which led me to start some kale seeds in the garden. I have mustard and collards doing well but the swiss chard bit the dust thanks to the deer. I’m going to try my luck with kale in the garden and hope we […]

The Future Compost Pile

Having a compost pile is something we have been looking forward to since we bought the house. For awhile I stopped keeping my food scraps completely. We’d moved further away from the community garden and I was just not in the mood to keep it up. Back in September Chris decided that we could start […]

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