In The Leaf Litter




Easter egg radishes

Olive leaf broccoli

The leaves in the garden are creating a second layer of mulch throughout. I poked around this evening, still dressed in my work clothes. The snap peas are coming up, a few radishes were ripe for picking and found themselves cooked into our stirfry tonight. A day of rain on Tuesday produced good conditions for the fungi to grow. I’ve gotta start learning to identify them better as our yard seems to proliferate fungus after a good rain or several dewy mornings.

We’ve had rather warm days lately with a couple of cooler nights interspersed, but my brother is warning of a real, deep cold front coming later this weekend. Grreeeat.

Now that Chris is back from being gone for practically the entire last 11 months, he’s taken the rest of the week off to do some work around the house. We now have blinds on our windows upstairs! Who knew blinds were so expensive? Man! He’s been attacking his man-cave, insulating the garage door and installing an attic ladder…he was worried that the attic wasn’t even insulated as the wall unit air conditioner runs constantly in the summer and since it is a converted garage, who knows if it was finished up correctly. Apparently the good news is that so far the roof is insulated but he hasn’t had a chance to investigate the walls yet… be continued on that front.

This weekend: yard work and furniture shopping. Chris also said he’d see Twilight with me so I am looking forward to that. No, he doesn’t like it but he offered….I wouldn’t mind a double header and seeing the Bond movie after.

Have a great weekend! More adventure recaps coming next week.


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