2012 In Review


My word for 2012 was Prolific. I’d say the first half of the year was pretty good word wise but the last half went downhill, unless you count endless work on the house and yard as being prolific!

I definitely find that the first half of any year is better word-wise but some years are better than others. The year I turned 28 I had a list of 28 things I wanted to do. I made my way through the list pretty well but didn’t manage to get them all done. Oh well, but the point was having something tangible, writing actual goals down instead of something general.

Picking a word is also enjoyable but lends itself to being more creative too. Sometimes words surprise you too, you never know where they will take you.

Prolific didn’t quite get me where I thought it would but here I am at the end of the year and am still glad I chose the word anyway. What happened over the last year, prolifically or otherwise?

It wasn’t a crazy adventurous year of the last couple of years but it was still full of exciting things and prolific in other ways I suppose.

Here’s to 2013….and another word. 😉


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