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Along the West Trail & Dry Can Creek | Lost Maples State Natural Area

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I had thought that perhaps when we left the main area of the park and embarked on the West Trail that we would leave the crowds behind. There was a slight incline as we hiked up the trail which I thought might deter folks, and for awhile we didn’t see anyone. Then we saw one family, then another, and another until we knew this was not going to be our time for peace. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by going to so many natural areas and not seeing a soul, or very few at least.

This (what I think) phaon crescent butterfly was among many butterflies swarming the blooming bushes in the creek bed.

A gall of some kind.

The trail meandered around the creek bed for most of the way, sometimes cairns leading the way.


We stopped maybe a quarter of the way down the creek for a lunch break, finding a slab of limestone out of the way of the main hiking traffic to start our stove up and make burritos for lunch. A nap was had in the dappled sunshine afterwards.

The trail leaves the creek and climbs upward to the bluffs where another panoramic view awaits. Up top there is a privy and campsites E & F. Several groups of hikers were on the bluffs taking in the view, while we didn’t stop and continued along the way back downhill again towards Mystic Canyon.


  • Keely

    We’ve explored up that West Trail there, I think I have a picture of me and my dogs in that same spot as your second to last picture. Was there a bit of an incline there? We wanted to make Lost Maples an annual event for us but I don’t think we went in 2012. Have to go in 2013! In August there aren’t very many people…but then you pay for it with the heat…We stayed at this place nearby last time called Foxfire Cabins, I would stay there again for sure, it would be a fun place also for a big group. The time before we camped, which was also nice…

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