2/3 Done | Icelandic Turtleneck

Icelandic Turtleneck----2/3 done
I haven’t been working on it straight, but if I can put in a couple of hours a night for a few nights in a row I get a lot done. It also helps when I get to a point that says ‘Repeat round 9 for 8(9,9,10,10) more times’. The parenthesis correspond to the appropriate pattern size one is making. If round 9 was easy then it makes the next 9 rounds easy too.

Unfortunately I have 19 more rounds to do and my brief skimming ahead at them makes it appear that they won’t be mindless, I’ll have to count stitches and pay attention, likely because I’ll be adding width here and there as it descends down to the waist.

Icelandic Turtleneck----2/3 done
So far I am liking it and I think it fits pretty well but I am seeing a little bit of the puckering that Kim Werker saw in hers but not nearly as bad and I hope as the piece finishes that it will work out ok. Part of the problem is that there is no strict front or back to this which I think is a little frustrating, there should have been some decreases tucked into the back of the pattern somehow.

I’ll also likely add at least one round to the sleeves to fill in some of the underarm gap, particularly if I plan on wearing this without a layering shirt underneath. Otherwise I think it is looking pretty good so far!

It’s funny, Chris was seriously concerned about my yarn supply for this project but I’d told him I had another skein in my studio in case I ran out of this one. And now he keeps asking me if I’m *still* on the same skein as when I started, and surprisingly I am. I bought the yarn from someone who hand dyed it several years go and initially I wasn’t sure which size I was going to go with, the one I’m doing now or a size smaller. I bought for more just in case and I’m glad I did as it is working out well. If I don’t crack into the other skein I’ll be making some socks out of it later!

Hoping to have it wrapped up by this weekend so I can focus on something else for awhile.


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